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Facing today’s strong competition gives little chances to survive. is here to keep you far ahead all of competition by giving you all the tools you need for success in the niche market world.

Blind Per-Click Program - up to 10¢/CPC

Affiliate payouts per click range from $0.02 USD to $0.10 USD per-unique clickthru to our gateway. A qualified click must pass a series of fraud protection scrubs to assure the click is a legitimate one from and acceptable country and referrer. Clicks and affiliate earnings will be logged in real-time inside the affiliate admin area.

Gallery CPM Program - $1/CPM

Affiliate payouts per thousand English language unique visitors for the Gallery CPM Program starts at $1.00 USD/CPM. Earnings are calculated based off of unique page impressions per 24-hour period. Several additional fraud screening factors are taken into account when tabulating earnings for the Gallery CPM Program.

Exit/Popunder Program - $3/CPM

Affiliate payouts per thousand 24-hour unique visitors for the Exit/Popunder Program start at $3 USD/CPM. Participants in the Exit-Popunder Program may not spawn our Exit/Popup windows from a web page within a series or "chain" of popups.

Redirect/404 Program - $1.50/CPM

Affiliate payouts per thousand 24-hour unique visitors for the Redirect/404 Program start at $1.50 USD/CPM.

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